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Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Tips providers open blocked sites

Tips providers open blocked sites




The solution of the sites blocked by the provider I will discuss this time, akhir2 government implemented a policy to block all websites that smells pornography, racism, violence by working with the existing provider in Indonesia, but not all sites are blocked, may approximately 90%.

Maybe a few tips from me can help, if you are experiencing the same thing as the screenshot below

1. The first step is to copy the link or website address is blocked.

2. Open links or click here , then link that has been copied directly paste it in the box provided and click browse, jreng-jreng ...... sites directly kebuka blocked automatically.

3. If the above stage still can not, do not be confused, just wait later opened again, still in the same way as above (the setting should not be changed) may still be trouble, but certainly can, because I've tried.

So little information that may be useful for you, do not forget koment yes, hehehe .....


Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

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Selasa, 16 Juni 2015


       As the capital city of East Java who have busy high enough, then when visiting Surabaya either in business or work assignments or other purposes need a little distraction or entertainment that can refresh the brain. Here we make the article  a list of tourist attractions in Surabaya  which can be a destination for your vacation and travel. The most interesting sights in Surabaya and a frequent visitor as a tourist option. 

Sign in Surabaya travel;

Senin, 15 Juni 2015


Semarang is the capital of Central Java province, a city of about - + 2000jt soul and known by its famous football club PSIS Semarang, has some attractions. if you visit Semarang and want to try lah traveled several attractions in the city this spring rolls.

 The following is a list of places of attractions in Semarang ;

 - Lawang Sewu 
 - Wonderia
 - Sampokong 
 - ZOO Mangkang
 - GOA Kreo
 - Jatibarang Reservoir
 - BEACH Maron
 - Sidomukti
 - Gedong Songo Temple
 - Semirang 
 - Siwarak 
 - BEACH SI Cats 

      on the list of attractions on top of the familiar is often heard people are sewu mace. with traveled we are not only able to eliminate all the busyness of our daily fatigue but jg could help in the sector of local economic development, so berwisatalah. and also a tourist attraction in the city of Semarang is equally good with tourism in other large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung etc. so I created a blog article about tourism in the city of Semarang, may be useful.

Minggu, 14 Juni 2015


  PRPP Semarang "Promotion and Development Recreation Center" Central Java is beginning named Fair Semarang "PRS" which diselenggerakan by the Municipal Government Level II Semarang first time in 1970 this event aims to commemorate RI. At first Fair Semarang is organized by presenting an entertainment to the public at the same time aims to showcase local products and the development of tourism, and the activity was centered in the People's Amusement Park (Tegal Wareng Semarang) today changed its name to the Taman Budaya Raden Saleh or name kondangnya disemarang is TBRS. Over the time, because the Fair Semarang visitors not only from the city of Semarang alone,
but extends to the outside of the city of Semarang, this opportunity is then used by entrepreneurs. both employers big or small entrepreneurs or artisans as a means to introduce and market their products. That's A Brief History of PRPP Semarang. PRPP Semarang Later in the 1980s the name Fair Semarang change becomes Fairs and Promotion of Development or often called PRPP. Started in 1985 the implementation of PRPP assessed as having great potential as a means of promoting development in Central Java and as promotional efforts in the field of trade, industry, handicrafts, as well as in the field of tourism in the city of Semarang. Then formed a committee Yayasab Promotion Fair Promotion and Development of Central Java by Central Java Governor Decree dated January 1, 1985 Number: 510.1 / 0249 and in the end the decision was refined again with the publication of the decision on 30 November 1989 Number: 510.1 / 314/1989.
With the formation of PRPP Foundation, the activities of the fair which was originally held in TBRS moved to the area of ​​Tawang Mas Semarang. and on March 7, 1995 a notarial deed Company Limited PT. Recreation and Development Promotion Center (PRPP) Central and shortened to PT. PRPP Central Java.